135g jar of Puro Mediterraneo Basil Pesto

Basil Pesto 135g

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Rich and fragrant, Puro Mediterraneo basil pesto is made with olive oil, basil from Liguria, DOP Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and pine nuts.

This pesto is unpasteurised which allows the ingredients to retain all the nutritional values, smell and aromas of the raw elements themselves.

What makes this pesto so rich and creamy? It's made with DOP Parmesan cheese and 64 gr of fresh basil every 100 gr of pesto, using only Genoese basil which gives a unique smell and aroma, comparable to no other basil.


Perfect on pasta, mozzarella or simply as a spread on bread.

Recommended types of pasta with Basil Pesto: fusilli, gnocchi, penne, linguine, caserecce.

Use 100g of Pesto for every 500g of pasta and add extra virgin olive oil as needed.

Ingredients (allergens in bold):

Olive oil, basil, DOP Parmesan cheese (milk), salt, pine nutsseasoned and Parmesan cheese (milk)cashew nuts, vinegar, garlic, citric ac., lactic ac.

Best Before: 27th November 2022