Chocolate Cherry Cranachan (v)

Created to celebrate Scottish Food Fortnight, this layered pudding takes less than ten minutes to put together - perfect for casual get togethers with family and friends. This recipe serves 4, but can be scaled up to serve more.



Macleans Highland Bakery Cherry Bakewell Biscuits
Jude's Belgian Chocolate Custard
1 punnet raspberries
150ml double cream
1-3 tsp honey
1-3 tsp whisky
Sugar (optional)


Firstly, whip your cream in a medium sized bowl using a hand mixer until soft peaks form. Add in your honey and whisky, a teaspoon at a time, mixing gently after each addition, until you reach the desired taste. If you prefer a sweeter cream, you can also add in a little sugar at this point. Once the flavour is to your liking, finish whipping the cream just until stiff peaks are formed.

Place four of the Cherry Bakewell biscuits into a food bag and using a rolling pin, or similar, tap on the bag to crush the biscuits into smaller pieces. For the best results, leave some of the larger pieces intact.

Into four dishes, layer the ingredients in the following order:

Crushed biscuits
Chocolate custard
Whisky cream

And repeat until all the ingredients are used up. Finish by sprinkling the remaining biscuit crumbs across the four dishes and serve!

Ith do shàth!

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