Chimi Club Sandwich

Give your lunch a Latin makeover with the Chimi Club!

Chimi Club Sandwich with jar of Chimi condiment in background

You will need:
3 slices bread of your choice
1 egg
1 slice of ham
1 25g cheese slice (e.g. Monterey Jack, Cheddar)
Handful of spinach leaves
Your favourite Chimi variety (Mild/Original/Hot/Chimi Mayo)
Mayonnaise (if not using Chimi Mayo)

Fry your egg in a little oil, and as it is nearing the end of its cooking time, add the ham to the pan to warm through and crisp up a little.

At the same time, toast your bread, then spread each slice with your favourite Chimi and a little mayonnaise (or just use Chimi Mayo).

On the bottom slice of toast, add the spinach leaves and ham. Add the middle slice of toast, then layer the cheese and fried egg on top. Finally, add the top slice of toast and cut into triangles.

Enjoy! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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